This Friday (10-27-2017) will be Grand Valley High School Senior Night for Football, Cheer leading, Cross Country and Band. I would like all parents involved to meet in the Grand Valley Local Schools Auditeria at 5:30/5:40. You can enter the building using the South Athletic Entrance (at the end of the long sidewalk). I will go over the procedure with everyone and get the parents in the proper order. At about 6:00 the parents will enter the stadium through the Ambulance Gate. The Senior and their parent(s) will be introduced individually and will walk while being introduced from the gate area to the center of the grand stand. Once they are completed with the announcement the senior and parent(s) will walk past the grandstand where they will wait for the other seniors from their respective teams for a photo opportunity. When the photos are completed the seniors will return to their respective duties or exit the track area with their parent(s) using the gate by the concession stand. We will start announcing the Seniors at 6:15. Thanks

The order will be as follows....Football, Cheer leading, Band and Cross Country.