Athletics for Tuesday, 12/7: MS Boys Basketball hosts St. John, 4:30pm start! HS Girls Basketball hosts Crestwood, 5:30pm start! Tickets purchased at No cash at the gate! #MustangPride
about 12 hours ago, Frank Shreve
Enjoy - the best band in the land! Band Concert 2021
1 day ago, Dr. H - GVMS Principal
7th and 8th Grade Bands
Thank you to everyone that attended our band concert - Great crowd! Your support is what makes our school thrive.
1 day ago, Dr. H - GVMS Principal
Great crowd!
Best Band Director in the Land!
7th Grade Band
Win Or Lose: Mustangs are always winners! Great effort tonight 👏
1 day ago, Dr. H - GVMS Principal
7th Grade Team - Carter
Dear Parents, Staff and Community: Over the weekend, we had two (2) students do concerning things that could be perceived as harmful to the school and or staff. One student was a Middle School student and one was a High School student. On both occasions, our threat assessment team convened, which included law enforcement. Both issues have been dealt with and there is no imminent threat in either case. We are informing you so you are aware of the incidents and grateful that in both cases someone/students had the courage to inform us of any behavior that seemed suspicious. Please keep up the good work with providing any information to keep our school safe. Have a good week and a great holiday season.
1 day ago, Diane Ferguson
MS Girls Basketball Team Meeting Thursday 12/9, 5pm!
1 day ago, Frank Shreve
Athletics for Monday, 12/6: MS Boys Basketball hosts Heritage, 5pm start! #MustangPride
1 day ago, Frank Shreve
Athletics for Friday, 12/3: HS Girls Basketball at Brooklyn, 5:30pm start! #MustangPride
5 days ago, Frank Shreve
Proud of our 7th & 8th Grade Basketball Mustangs 🏀 - great effort tonight 👏- Go Mustangs!
5 days ago, Dr. H - GVMS Principal
7th Grade Team
Carter Time
8th Grade Team
Athletics for Thursday, 12/2: MS Wrestling at Chagrin Falls, 4:30pm start! MS Boys Basketball at Kirtland, 4:30pm start! Masks are required for indoors at both locations. #MustangPride
6 days ago, Frank Shreve
Athletics for Wednesday, 12/1: HS Boys Basketball at Edgewood, 5:30pm start! Senior Citizens enter for FREE Children 6 or under in for FREE All tickets must be purchased online. CASHLESS Gates. #MustangPride
6 days ago, Frank Shreve
We will be having a planned lockdown drill at 10 am. This is only a drill. Thank you!
6 days ago, Diane Ferguson
Grand Valley Families & Friends - Our calendar has been updated - here is the latest version - Together we can!
7 days ago, Grand Valley Middle School
Athletics for Tuesday, 11/30: HS Girls Basketball at Kirtland, 5:30pm start! Masks are required and tickets are online only: #MustangPride
8 days ago, Frank Shreve
Athletics for Saturday, 11/27: HS Boys Basketball hosts Geneva, 5pm start! Tickets purchased online at #MustangPride
11 days ago, Frank Shreve
Grand Valley Families and Friends, Below is a link for the 1st GRITT Gazette, thank you Ms. M for putting this together for our families. Please, take a moment to look this over so you’re up-to-date with all the happenings at Grand Valley Schools during GRITT days.
13 days ago, Grand Valley Middle School
Today our junior class took the ASVAB for Career Exploration. To follow up, we will conduct the career pathway connection portion on December 14th as our junior class solidifies their future plans post-graduation. Looking forward to their future plans!
15 days ago, Grand Valley High School
Regular presale tickets will be available in the Athletics Office as they were in the fall! The Online Box office is updated and ready for this winter season!
15 days ago, Frank Shreve
Winter Season Student Athletics Passes are now available at the Athletics Office for $75! This will get you into every home regular season athletics event for the 21-22 Winter Season!
15 days ago, Frank Shreve
Athletics for Monday, 11/22: 7th Grade Boys Basketball at Berkshire, 4:30pm start! 8th Grade Boys Basketball at Crestwood, 4:30pm start! #MustangPride
15 days ago, Frank Shreve