Local Dairy Family Donates to FFA

The Soltis family has very generously donated $2,356.04 to the Grand Valley FFA (Future Farmers of America). “Kermit,”  a 600 lb dairy beef feeder steer, was raised and auctioned at the Ashtabula County Fair this past August. Kermit was sold through the Marble Masters 4H Club. He was first sold to the Yuhasz Brothers Farm, who then donated him back to be resold again; he was then purchased by Crooked Fence Farms. Jon Soltis, a junior at Grand Valley and our FFA Vice President stated, “Our family and I made the decision to donate the money to the FFA because of how important it is to us. Our lives revolve around farming and the GV FFA was an amazing opportunity to help others learn more about farming. This was our way of giving back to the FFA.”. The FFA has used the donation to purchase a new set of laptops specifically for the GV agricultural classes. Lowell Moodt, our Ag teacher and FFA director said, “ I would like to personally thank the Soltis family for their feeder steer from the Ashtabula County Fair. The donation is going to the purchase of twenty chromebooks computes that are much needed for agricultural research in the classroom.”. Our FFA would also like to thank the Yuhasz Brothers Farm and Crooked Fence Farms for their contribution to this donation.