Covid-19 dashboard

Grand Valley Local School District COVID-19 Coordinator

In compliance with the orders given by the Ohio Department of Health, Grand Valley Local School has appointed Liz Esquivel as the district's COVID-19 coordinator. 

Nurse Esquivel serves as the district's school nurse. Nurse Esquivel will work closely with the Ashtabula County Health Department, school administrators, staff, students and community to ensure Grand Valley Local School District is compliant with all guidelines given by the Ohio Department of Health. 

All guidelines are set forth to ensure the health and wellbeing of the Grand Valley community. We thank the Grand Valley community in advance for your patience and understanding as we embark in the new school year. 

Please continue to visit the school website for the most updated information. 

Feel free to contact Nurse Esquivel with any questions or concerns.

Nurse Esquivel BSN, RN, LSN

District Nurse, COVID-19 Coordinator

Phone: 440-805-4538

Fax: 440-437-2050